Dylan Diamond
iOS and Web Developer


Tesla Toolbox

Created iOS app for iPhone and Apple Watch to bring extended functionality to Tesla owners.


Developed an iOS environment for the school grade-tracking software available online. Has reached #2 in the iOS paid educational App Store.

Ski With Friends

Enhances your ski day by allowing you to discover who is at the same mountain and facilitates meeting up to ski with friends or track others in your party.


Worked with an entrepreneur to create immediate labor pools for local jobs such as babysitting, yard work and errands.

Staples Got Class

Created a website for high school scheduling algorithm, such that all users could see who else is in their classes. Entire student body of 2000 people signed up in one night upon release of schedules.


Created the iOS app for the Staples High School (Westport, CT) school newspaper.


Tracks lunar phases. Over 2000 downloads worldwide.


Since 2010, I have been designing websites and apps for a variety of clients and my own enterprise. I am currently a high school senior and have nine apps in the App Store.

My most popular app is myHAC, which allows students and their parents real-time iOS access to their grades. It has been downloaded by over 100,000 people and has reached #2 in the App Store rankings (under Educational/Paid).

I am largely self-taught and have worked with entrepreneurs and alone to develop app-based businesses. I am interested to connect with great people, ideas and organizations to solve meaningful problems.

I have a strong background in Objective-C and Swift for iOS development. For web development, I’ve built back-ends in Node.JS, Ruby with Sinatra, and also in PHP. For the front-end, I know JavaScript well and use it with JQuery, along of course with HTML and CSS for the design. Aside from web and iOS programming, I know Java and Processing.

When not coding, I am on the cross country, track and ski teams at my high school.

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